sound design

sound design stereo & 5.1 mixing adr & foley

Hugh has provided sound design for a variety of films and theatre productions. If your project is a short film, an advert,

a computer game or feature film, if you need to clean up dialougue, add subtle atmos or full scale music composition,

if it requires a stereo or 5.1 surround sound mix, then fell free in getting in touch, he has his own home studio where clients and artists are welcome.

He is able to provide a unique service, each room has indivuaul tie lines connected to the main control room, this enables foley to be recorded in a varity of different acoustic enviroments.

Below are some examples of his work .


Apple Mac Pro (tower),logitech 5.1, Yamaha NS10 monitors, quad amps,Sennheiser 416 mics, Pro tools, Logic Audio, Final cut pro, Yamaha keybords, Gibson guitars, Ludwic drums. tel 0208 654 7058 mob 07909 546 542