sound recordist

Hugh has been a sound recordist for over 20 years,

He has worked on film sets, on tv and in recording studios.

He has experience of working as a live sound engineer,

in theaters , conferences, provided playback for music videos, recorded interviews and vox pops in a number of locations,

He has his own location sound kit and can provide a variety of different equipment for any application.

Below you can view his showreel and his equipment and credit lists.




equipment list


sound devices 4 channel field mixer,

sennheiser 416 mic,

sennheiser radio mics =2

boom pole ,

zoom h6 4 track hd recorder

zoom h4n hd recorder

hhb mini disk recorder.

sennheiser headphones

Hawk-Woods battery charger

4xsony lithlium batterys

i pad digi slate

Rycote Windshield Kit 3 With Mic Suspension Windshield & Windjammer



equipment list for hire


Sound Devices, 552 5 Channel Portable Mixer With Integrated Recorder Inc 8GB SD Card.

Sound Devices, 744T Hard Disk Drive 4 Track Recorder

Neumann, U87Ai Switchable Polar Pattern Microphone


live sound & playback


Conference/Speech System (1000Watts):

2 x Mackie SRM450 Powered Speakers & Stands

1 x Mackie 1604VLZ Mixer

4 x AKG C460 Table Microphones

1 x Shure UHF Radio Microphone (hand, lapel or headset) tel 0208 654 7058 mob 07909 546 542